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Greater Forest Lawn Playwrights Lab 2015

Female Robbery
by Jessica Del Fierro
Dramaturgy by Caroline Russell-King

Timmy, Tommy & the Haunted Hotel
by Ali DeRegt and Kathryn Smith
Dramaturgy by Alyssa Bradac

Blind Pass
by Hayley Feigs
Dramaturgy by Zachary Moull

Absurdable Universe
by Kyle Hinton
Dramaturgy by Neil Fleming

by Jennifer Roberts
Dramaturgy by Jenna Rodgers

Technology Trade-off
by Phyllis Wheaton
Dramaturgy by Trevor Rueger

Featuring talented performers from across the city:
Josh Bertwistle, Michelle Brandenburg, Alex Cherovsky, Filsan Dualeh, Devon Dubnyk, Chelsea Dwarika, Deborah Ferguson, Rodrigo Flores, Natalie Gauthier, Mike Griffin, Alan Johnson, Duane Jones, Alvan Le, Kelly Malcolm, Andrew Merrigan, Dan Perry, Ryan Reese, Holleay Rohm, Lara Schmitz, Makambe Simamba, Ayla Stephen, Liam Volke, Alicia Ward, Justine Westby, Sarah Wheeldon, and Greg Wilson

The Greater Forest Lawn Playwrights Lab is a development opportunity supported by CADA for emerging playwrights representing the plethora of diverse communities that exist in Calgary. The Lab will be a safe creative space for writers to explore their ideas and grow their talent – in full colour. The Lab will be led by Jenna Rodgers, a local Director/Dramaturg, who will work with a group of up to five emerging playwrights, each developing their first draft of a play. “Emerging” refers to individual career status, and playwrights of any age are welcome to apply. Playwrights will not be restricted to writing about issues of diversity, but will be encouraged to use their work to explore issues that challenge them. This program will take place over the course of six months, spanning Oct 2014 – March 2015.

Selected playwrights will meet twice monthly for the program’s duration. Meetings will take place in Forest Lawn, and will be tailored to support the group of artists that have been assembled. In the final month of the Lab, playwrights will be paired with a mentor in a professional director/dramaturg. You will be given 12 hours of professional development time and a cast of non-equity actors. The GFL Playwrights Lab will culminate with a public presentation to showcase the Playwrights’ work to their friends, family, and the greater Calgary arts community.

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