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By Bianca Miranda

January 30 - February 18, 2024

The Tagalog word “kisapmata” means “blink of an eye.” It’s also the title of a punk banger by Filipino band, Rivermaya. Inspired by this song, this new Canadian play tells the love story of two Filipino women—one living here in Canada and the other, born and raised in the Philippines. Through intimate vignettes, we see the longing, the diving in, and eventually, the letting go. 


Photos by Benjamin Laird

We are proud to present the world premiere of this unique queer love story by Calgary playwright Bianca Miranda at Chromatic, with direction by Gina Puntil, co-produced by Lunchbox Theatre and presented as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo. Kisapmata has been in development since 2021, when it was part of our IBPOC Playwrights Unit, and it was featured in both the Stage One Festival of New Canadian Work and Stage Two at Lunchbox Theatre in 2022. Playwright Bianca Miranda also recently premiered The F-Word, co-written and performed with Keshia Cheesman, in a Downstage Production at Alberta Theatre Projects, which was nominated for "Outstanding New Play" at the Betty Mitchell Awards.

Directed by Gina Puntil 

Co-Production with Lunchbox Theatre and presented by One Yellow Rabbit as part of the 38th Annual High Performance Rodeo.

Poster Artwork by Maezy Reign


Michelle Diaz • A
Isabella Pedersen • B

Gina Puntil • Director 

Kodie Rollan • Assistant Director & Dramaturg
Thomas Geddes • Video & Projection Design
Cassie Holmes • Set & Costume Design
Gladzy Kei • Grapic Designer
Kp Smith • Lx Design
Sallie Mae Salcedo • Sound Design
Jennifer Yeung • Stage Manager
Rebecca Orion • Apprentice Stage Manager

Bianca Miranda - Photo by Mike Tan.jpg

Bianca Miranda • Playwright


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