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Chromatic Theatre

is a theatre company that develops, supports, and creates space for racialized theatre artists in Moh'kins'tsis (Calgary).


We have set forth the following mandate to guide our work


To develop and support diverse voices that contribute to an artistic landscape reflecting the spectrum of diversity we see across our country


To create opportunities for diverse artists and marginalized community groups through the arts


To build bridges that span the societal issues and mechanisms that divide us based on cultural identity


To engage non-traditional theatre going communities through cultural representation in the arts


To promote a broader appreciation of diversity


To employ diverse artists and pay them professionally and equitably whenever possible; to strengthen our community of professional artists.

Mandate : About Us



Artisic Director

Kodie Rollan

Acting Associate Producer

Rebecca Comer


Marketing & Communications

Maezy Reign


Associate Producer

Kristen Padayas


Founding Artistic Director

Jenna Rodgers

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