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  • Winners and Losers | Chromatic Theatre

    Winners and Losers by James Long and Marcus Youssef Adapted by Valerie Planche, Makambe K. Simamba and Jenna Rodgers Presented in association with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre and Arts Commons Presents ​ Winners and Losers is one part game, one part conversation that leans into our universally flawed human logic, and the desire to win at all costs. Valerie Planche and Makambe K. Simamba, two powerhouse performers at different stages of life and careers, debate whether people, places or things – Robin Williams, camping, Meghan Markle, private schools – are winners or losers. This exploration of female friendships leads us down a spiralling path of staunch sisterhood and deep-seated difference. As the discussion gets personal, how far is too far when confronting deep-seated beliefs? ​ Based on the Governor General Award-nominated text by Marcus Youssef and James Long, this homegrown adaptation – re-written and re-cast with an all-female team – premiered to rave reviews at Toronto’s SummerWorks Performance Festival! ​ “The elemental nature of this show (there is no set, just a simple folding table and two chairs) requires big, engaging performances. Planche and Simamba deliver, making this remount a clear winner.” – Now Magazine ​ “Retained both the humor and all the edge of the original.” – Mooney on Theatre ​ “Lively and revealing work” – Mooney on Theatre “The affection between Planche and Simamba is palpable, and the play is gripping when it’s emotionally bare” – Globe and Mail Back to Past Projects

  • Medea | Chromatic Theatre

    Medea Chromatic Theatre is producing a highly contemporary and anti-colonial production of Euripides’ classic tragedy, Medea. After Jason captures the Golden Fleece, in large part because of Medea, her magic, and her betrayal against her family, Jason takes Medea as a wife. A few years pass, their sons grow and prosper, when Jason decides to take another bride from his Grecian homeland for political reasons, offering to keep Medea as a mistress, illegitimating their children in the process. To keep her agency, self-respect, and cultural identity, she pays the ultimate price and kills her children. ​ Cast Direction by Alyssa Bradac Stage Management by Courtney Charnock Set and Lighting Design by Kathryn Smith Costume Design by Benjamin Toner Sound Design by Miquelon Rodriguez CAST Chantelle Han* Medea Justin Michael Carriere* Jason Ali DeRegt Aegeus/Chorus Carly McKee Creon/Chorus Jenna Rodgers Tutor/Chorus Makambe K. Simamba Nurse/ Chorus *Member of the Canadian Actors Equity Association Back to Past Projects Listen Now! Digital Program

  • 2022

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  • Playwrights Lab 2015 | Chromatic Theatre

    Greater Forest Lawn Playwrights Lab 2015 ​ Featuring: Female Robbery by Jessica Del Fierro Dramaturgy by Caroline Russell-King ​ Timmy, Tommy & the Haunted Hotel by Ali DeRegt and Kathryn Smith Dramaturgy by Alyssa Bradac ​ Blind Pass by Hayley Feigs Dramaturgy by Zachary Moull Absurdable Universe by Kyle Hinton Dramaturgy by Neil Fleming ​ Parched by Jennifer Roberts Dramaturgy by Jenna Rodgers Technology Trade-off by Phyllis Wheaton Dramaturgy by Trevor Rueger ​ Featuring talented performers from across the city: Josh Bertwistle, Michelle Brandenburg, Alex Cherovsky, Filsan Dualeh, Devon Dubnyk, Chelsea Dwarika, Deborah Ferguson, Rodrigo Flores, Natalie Gauthier, Mike Griffin, Alan Johnson, Duane Jones, Alvan Le, Kelly Malcolm, Andrew Merrigan, Dan Perry, Ryan Reese, Holleay Rohm, Lara Schmitz, Makambe Simamba, Ayla Stephen, Liam Volke, Alicia Ward, Justine Westby, Sarah Wheeldon, and Greg Wilson ​ The Greater Forest Lawn Playwrights Lab is a development opportunity supported by CADA for emerging playwrights representing the plethora of diverse communities that exist in Calgary. The Lab will be a safe creative space for writers to explore their ideas and grow their talent – in full colour. The Lab will be led by Jenna Rodgers, a local Director/Dramaturg, who will work with a group of up to five emerging playwrights, each developing their first draft of a play. “Emerging” refers to individual career status, and playwrights of any age are welcome to apply. Playwrights will not be restricted to writing about issues of diversity, but will be encouraged to use their work to explore issues that challenge them. This program will take place over the course of six months, spanning Oct 2014 – March 2015. ​ Selected playwrights will meet twice monthly for the program’s duration. Meetings will take place in Forest Lawn, and will be tailored to support the group of artists that have been assembled. In the final month of the Lab, playwrights will be paired with a mentor in a professional director/dramaturg. You will be given 12 hours of professional development time and a cast of non-equity actors. The GFL Playwrights Lab will culminate with a public presentation to showcase the Playwrights’ work to their friends, family, and the greater Calgary arts community. ​ ​ ​ Back to Past Projects Listen Now! Digital Program

  • Auditions | Chromatic Theatre

    No Auditions Currently We will update this page when Auditions open up! Come back to stay up to date on the company and auditions for future projects Subscribe for updates!

  • 2020

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  • About Us | Chromatic Theatre

    Chromatic Theatre is a theatre company that develops, supports, and creates space for racialized theatre artists in Moh'kins'tsis (Calgary). Mandate We have set forth the following mandate to guide our work To develop and support diverse voices that contribute to an artistic landscape reflecting the spectrum of diversity we see across our country To create opportunities for diverse artists and marginalized community groups through the arts To build bridges that span the societal issues and mechanisms that divide us based on cultural identity To engage non-traditional theatre going communities through cultural representation in the arts To promote a broader appreciation of diversity To employ diverse artists and pay them professionally and equitably whenever possible; to strengthen our community of professional artists. Mandate : About Us Company Artisic Director Kodie Rollan Learn More Acting Associate Producer Rebecca Comer Learn More Marketing & Communications Maezy Reign Learn More Associate Producer Kristen Padayas Learn More Founding Artistic Director Jenna Rodgers Learn More

  • 2021

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  • Timmy, Tommy and the Haunted | Chromatic Theatre

    Past Project Archive 2015 Playwrights Lab Medea Cowboy vs. Samurai Back to Past Projects

  • Reading Rainbow | Chromatic Theatre

    The Reading Rainbow Reading Rainbow: Support Us Chromatic Theatre’s “Reading Rainbow” is a play reading series exclusively for artists of colour. The purpose is to bring BIPOC folx in Calgary’s community together to share space, one afternoon at a time. We will sit together and read a play (generally by a culturally diverse artist), then chat about the play, and get to know one another. It’s an exercise in getting familiar with the canon of culturally diverse works in Canada, and in building community. ​ This is a drop in group – there is no obligation to attend every session. We are generously hosted by Mike Tan Photography, but have currently adjusted to meet digitally due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions. ​ We meet quarterly to read good plays, hang with good people, and enjoy good food together. ​ Sign Up for The Reading Rainbow below! *we ask that only members of the BIPOC community sign up Sign Up Here!

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