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我的名是张欣恩 (Gimme Chance Leh)by Kris Vanessa Teo

Chromatic Theatre is proud to present the AUDIO PLAY version of 我的名是张欣恩 (Gimme chance leh) written and performed by Kris Vanessa Teo.

Thanks to support from the CBC Digital Originals program, this project is now streaming live and 100% FREE from the CBC website. Grab a snack, strap on a pair of your favourite headphones, click on the button below and give it a listen!

我的名是张欣恩 (Gimme chance leh)

Written & performed by Kris Vanessa Teo
Co-directed by Thomas Geddes & Jenna Rodgers
Assistant Direction by Jesse Del Fierro
Sound Design & Editing by Thomas Geddes

We hope to continue the momentum of this project with a live production when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, thank you for your support, and happy listening!

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