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Maezy Reign

Markerting and Communications


Maezy Reign (they/she) is a biracial multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Calgary. They work as a playwright, lighting designer and occasional actor. They are determined to create art that has the representation she never saw growing up, like mentally ill, gender diverse, queer, and racialized main characters.

 Both my parents are theatre artists and entrepreneurs so I've been raised in a very artsy family. Maezy is a mixed-race black artist. Maezy's paternal grandmother grew up in St. Vincent in the Caribbean and immigrated to Canada in the 70's.  


Performance and Creative Credits include; Gaslight (Vertigo), The F Word (Downstage and ATP) Shark Bite (Lunchbox Theatre), Hay Coloured Houses (Paprika Festival), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Alchemy Festival), Hang In There (Chromatic PLU), This isn’t home (fear the festival), Psychotic Bitch (Ignite Festival), Revolution or Slumber (WCHS with HPR), Donut Diaries (Ignite Festival)

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