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The Green Line

April 3, 2030

During the Lebanese Civil War, Naseeb wants his sister to withdraw from her university studies and move to the mountains. But Mona is secretly falling in love with her classmate Yara. Forty years later, Rami, a Lebanese Canadian student, comes to Lebanon to bury his father, Naseeb. That night, he meets Zidan, a drag queen at a queer Beirut nightclub and things take an unexpected turn. Past and present braid together in The Green Line’s contemplation of how memories are inherited or erased.

This is a co-production between Downstage Theatre & Chromatic Theatre.

Cast and Creative Team

Makram Ayache: Playwright / Rami / Naseeb
Filsan Dualeh: Yara
Ryan Abd’u’llah Hooper: Zidan / Fifi
Sepidar Yeganeh Farid: Mona

Jenna Rodgers: Director
Chris Austman: Sound Design & Original Music
Ajay Badoni: Lighting Design
Abbie Brokenshire: Costume Design Assistant
Alia Shahab: Set Design
Jordan Wieben: Costume Design
Aldona Barutowicz: Publicist
Jesse Del Fierro: Assistant Director
Adam Kostiuk: Production Manager / Technical Director
Evan Medd: Dramaturg
Donna Sharpe: Stage Manager

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