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#YYCTheatreStats Winter 2021/22 Part 1

Heya, folks! Here is our #YYCTheatreStats Winter Roundup – Part 3. This is our final round of stats until the end of Spring.

You will notice that we are not posting statistics on gender anymore. We have taken some time to reevaluate our #YYCTheatreStats program, and are going to be focusing on race for the foreseeable future. If you’re into statistics and want to read more about how we came to this decision, check out this blog post:

TL;DR – stats are imperfect, challenging, and only a small piece of the puzzle.

We hope these statistics continue to inspire conversation in our community, and as always if you catch any mistakes, reach out and we will correct them in a jiffy. This research program is supported by Calgary Arts Development .

*This data does not reflect any diversity beyond perceived and indicated race.

These statistics were compiled by Kristen Padayas

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