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Cowboy versus Samurai

Cowboy Versus Samurai is a modern-day comedic take on the Edmond Rostad classic, Cyrano de Bergerac. Our protagonist Travis Park is the only Korean American in the dusty cowboy town of Breakneck, Wyoming. When the beautiful and clever Veronica Lee moves to town to fill the post of science teacher, he’s immediately smitten – until she reveals that she only dates white men. Travis must choose whether to ally with the “cowboy”: the handsome gym teacher, Del; or the “samurai”: best friend, and militant Asian of unknown origin, Chester. He must choose between the Asian and the American within himself in the pursuit for love that may only be as real as the love letters he writes on behalf of someone else.

Produced by Chromatic Theatre
Direction by Jenna Rodgers
Production Stage Management by Olivia Brooks
Set and Costume Design by Jennifer Lee Arsenault
Lighting Design by Ian McFarlane
Sound Design by Kyle Hinton

Mike Tan                   Travis
Richard Lee Hsi*      Chester
Carmela Sison*        Veronica
Mat Glessing                        Del

*Members of the Canadian Actors Equity Association

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