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Assistant Stage Manager

Chromatic Theatre & Inside Out Theatre is in immediate need of an assistant stage manager for our upcoming production of Static by Ashley King. The engagement date begins on August 12th and ends on September 15th, with opening night slated for September 5th.



Mexican Canadian artist Ashley King (she/her) is a legally blind performer and writer. Her piece, Static: A Party Girl’s Memoirs is a coming-of-age story based on true events, written and performed by Ashley, a young woman whose life is all about booze, boys, and late-night parties. But when she wakes up blind while on holiday, she’ll have to face her darkest depths of grieving a new life she didn’t choose or want. Not your typical inspiration story, Static offers a poignant and humorous take on the struggles and triumphs of a young woman learning to navigate the world without sight. With moments of laughter and tears, this dark comedy explores whether everything happens for a reason and if joy can really be found in unexpected places.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assisting the Stage Manager with rehearsals and running of production

  • Offering some additional accessibility support for our actor with visual impairment (Orientation and sighted guide training will be offered by the producing companies).

Please note at this time we are only accepting applications for artists based in Calgary, AB.

Other important information:

  • It is worth noting that the venue of the production is an unconventional theatre space. Both rehearsals and performances will be taking place in Inside Out Theatre’s new venue at 625 11th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB, 

  • The Assistant Stage Manager may be seen by the audience during the performance.

Contract Details:

  • Fee: The Assistant Stage Manager will be paid a weekly fee of $759.00 CAD as outlined by the Dance, Opera, Theatre Agreement of the CAEA for a total of 5 weeks of engagement. (Please note that this position does not go towards apprentice credits)​​​


Chromatic Theatre is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible recruitment process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Artistic Director, Kodie Rollan at

​Interested candidates can submit their application via this google form. Within the form, we are requesting an up to date CV and a cover letter outlining why you're interested in the position.​​

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